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Las Vegas Irish pub has Schweiss unique outdoor patio bar

Nine Fine Irishmen is a Las Vegas southside strip-located pub of epic proportions. It has a great location just across from the MGM Grand Casino and nearby Tropicana.

A unique kiosk with a spectacular 360 degree view of the Las Vegas Strip opens up outside to the public with four Schweiss hydraulic designer doors. The half in, half out design lets you sit inside with the marvelous woodwork and old world feel or you can sit outside the bar on the faux patio adjacent to the casino floor.

The year-round outdoor patio and bar kiosk, has ample seating for about 100 people. It features two custom made Schweiss hydraulic designer doors 15 ft. 1.5” x 4 ft. 4” which open at the sides and two 7 ft. 11.5” hydraulic doors opening at each end. A unique feature for this is the use of only one hydraulic pump for all four door, with four separate key stations to open and close the doors. The pump is situated about 50 ft. from the outside bar. Each door closes on a granite counter top and is fitted with electric photo eye sensors and manual latches. When the doors are open they provide shade to the area around the bar. When closed, they provide a tight seal and security to the contents inside.

Additional custom work was done to blend the Irish Pub Las Vegas hydraulic doors into the kiosk. Custom side plates were also used to camouflage the two hydraulic cylinders on each door. The cylinders are hidden from the exterior when the doors are closed and the end-user provided custom fit nylon covers with Velcro closures to conceal the cylinders when the doors are open.