Schweiss Custom Door Installation at Mountain Ski Lodge

"From an architectural perspective it's fantastic. We really like the product, the appearance of it and the way it can be integrated seamlessly with the exterior of the house."

Raymond Calabro, Architect

"You've got a happy Schweiss Door owner that's living his dream up here in Canada. We're going to retire here. That's why we are here so I can get out to all these remote lakes."

Steve Riggins, Pilot

Custom Designer Hydraulic Doors

"We love the door. It's great and we get a lot of comments. When it's closed, people don't even realize it's a door because aesthetically, it speaks so well to the interior design."

Jesse Herman, Restaurant Owner

“I think the quality of construction of the hydraulic door is wonderful. We definitely would use it again and recommend it to others. It was also easy to install, the shipping of it and customer service was great on all points, Brent and Jeremy at Schweiss were very helpful.”

Garland LaRue, Project Mgr., Fuog/InterBuild, Inc. Purcellville, VA

“I enjoyed my visit to the Schweiss Door factory, it was well, well worth it. It’s great to come and see this product and it has given me more enthusiasm to push it forward now. I’m looking forward to working alongside Mike with his knowledge of this industry and my knowledge on this side of the water. We’ll work well together. I liked what I saw at the Yorkshire Air Ambulance hangar. I could see the design of it was totally different from what I’d seen so far. I gave Mike a call last week and he said ‘You need to come over and see me.’ I said OK, I’m on my way.“

Paul Boucher, Director, Lincoln Industrial Doors, United Kingdom

“I discovered Schweiss Doors during an Internet search and chose a hydraulic door over a bifold door because I like the looks of it. I’ve shown it to tons of people. When it goes up, everyone, especially contractors, say stuff about it. I trimmed it out and it looks amazing, amazing! I love the door.”

Leo Kingston, Oklahoma City, OK

“Over the years, we have learned that clearance is a big issue for getting the big boats in - we wanted to get into a different market with the 70-plus footers. It always seemed that limitations were always height in these big buildings. It gets kind of costly and hard on a boat when you have to disassemble hardtops, electronics and that sort of stuff. This way we can just wheel them in the building and have them stay the way they are. The hydraulic door was put in for more clearance - with it we gained a good four feet. We like the simplicity and speed of the hydraulic door. The bifold is a great door; the initial setup took just a little longer. They both work great, they lock nice and tight and keep the warm air in and the cold air out; we haven't had any problems with either one.”

Eric Evenhouse, Operations Mgr., ME Yacht Restoration, Holland, Michigan

“We searched around and ran across Schweiss. The doors are amazing with fail-safes built into the hydraulics. We cut half the side off the Bobby Hotel rooftop bus and built a structure to support it and rebuilt the back door opening. When I first opened the doors I wasn't quite sure how it was going to go. When it opened up, it was just unbelievable. We were kind of blown away with the size of the doors. The system is awesome. If I ever have any other big projects to do, it will be with no one else but Schweiss.”

Gary Favinger, Hemphill Bros. Coach Co., Whites Creek, Tennessee

“I can tell you one thing, if we ever have to replace any other doors, it will be with a Schweiss door and not any other brand door; there is no doubt about it. We asked our local aviation engineer to look at the Schweiss door from his engineering standpoint. He took pictures and we gave him a brochure and he said he was going to take it back to his engineering firm to tell them if they have any future clients interested in putting up a door to direct them to Schweiss.”

Tom Vaughan, Florida airport manager

“The hydraulic door worked flawlessly and Schweiss supplied components for the second door that manually opens to load and unload the mockup with a forklift. The hydraulic door was perfect for loading the fuselage in and exactly what the buyers required. It is really a high quality door. There were a few challenges; we had to make sure we had enough clearance when the door opened and closed to clear the fuselage and that the support pieces were sufficient. The client was really happy with it.”

Jason Rush, Director of Intermodal Logistics, Shomotion LLC, Denver, CO

“At first I assumed the opening would be too big for a hydraulic door and ordered a bifold door. A guy came in here who built cylinders, he showed me photos and said why don't you get a hydraulic door? I called Schweiss and got the hydraulic door. I like the simplicity of the hydraulic door; less is more. I just love hydraulics. Both doors are very strong. I like the robustness of the way they are engineered. People told me to try other manufacturers - but they all wanted to install the door and to do so would have cost me almost as much as the door itself. Your instructions were awesome. I took everything one step at a time.”

Eric Evenhouse, Operations Mgr., ME Yacht Restoration, Holland, Michigan

“Schweiss exceeded Shomotion's expectation with an expertly crafted door accompanied by a sophisticated hydraulic power pack and pump. From Dallas, Texas to Montreal, Quebec, Canada the Schweiss product operated flawlessly. Schweiss Doors will certainly be the Shomotion's first choice for custom doors moving forward.”

Mike Scherkenbach, President & Founder, Shomotion LLC, Denver, CO

“It looked like the top hinges broke off starting with a structural failure at one corner which created a domino effect halfway across to the side of the building. There were several planes in the hangar at the time, but they thankfully weren’t damaged. This calamity put the hangar out of operation for four months. We chopped up the door and threw it away. It wasn’t good for anything else; it was just nothin’ but a hunk of junk metal sitting there. It wasn’t even an old door; it was installed in 2010. I think the company that built it is now out of business or operating under a different business name.”

Tom Vaughan, Florida airport manager

“When we decided to do this glass hydraulic door feature on our new home we looked into different companies, but at the end settled on Schweiss Doors. Brent and the Schweiss team were extremely helpful throughout the process.”

Malika Junaid, Principal, M•Designs Architects, Los Altos, CA

“The hydraulic door with its low headroom clearance is very useful. The door has a cool industrial look to it with minimal side room support needed and has an architectural feel that at the same time can be clad anyway you want. A lot of what these doors do is give the architect the freedom to design the appearance. If you want to choose something that is structurally glazed and/or with metal cladding, perforated panels or to create something unique, your door gives the architect the freedom to use the bifold or hydraulic door as a canvas - you're providing a frame for a canvas.”

Jon Bennion, Project Manager, Crawford Door, LLC, Washington

"Schweiss doors are definitely unique. The install at The Nine Fine Irishman Pub and Hotel in Las Vegas went very well from soup to nuts. It was kind of a unique install which was designed to have a single pump open all four doors. Just from a convenience standpoint they were looking to remotely locate the pump, electrical lines and key switches in one adjacent electrical room location."

Kevin Sweeney, V.P. of Operations, McKeon Door, Las Vegas, NV

"There were only a couple of manufacturers that could make a door big enough for us. The Schweiss Door sold us on the 20 ft. span height that we needed for our Otter's tail height. Mike Doble was the primary person on selecting the door for us. We definitely like it. It's rock solid and operates like it's supposed to. This is the second year we've had it and haven't done a thing to it. It's doing exactly what we need it to do."

Keith George, Owner Skydive Midwest, Chicago, IL

"Our first Schweiss doors were a quantum leap. We removed two steps in getting our tanks and trailers out of the building. We chose Schweiss Doors because we have a straddle crane that goes in and out of the building for shipping. There are no other doors that worked for us that were as economical as a Schweiss Door, and I like their performance and craftsmanship. The Schweiss Doors improve our cycle time to meet customer demands. We like them very much and have never had any issues with them."

Steve Thoresen, Engineering Mgr., Chart Inc., New Prague, MN

"We went with Schweiss Doors again because they are known in the industry for their high quality doors. We definitely had no issues and Schweiss delivered what they said they would. Everything went well despite the installers having a very difficult and muddy site to work at with 70 other contractors to work around. They made it happen. Jeremy (at Schweiss Doors) was very helpful with accurate hydraulic door specs delivered on time and the shop drawings came out telling us everything we needed to know before sending them to our engineers to properly size the supports."

Eric Bender, Project Mgr., Greystone Const. Co, Shakopee, MN

"Putting glass on the door occurred to me after I got the Schweiss hydraulic garage and patio door. I was going to put wood facia on it. Fortunately I ordered a heavy duty frame. Heavy duty cylinders open the door straight and quickly and it shuts nice and tight. I think it has a great ram physics application. Schweiss Doors is great about putting out a system that is mechanically great, it's not underdesigned like other doors that are too light and flimsy. It's really spectacular to see through that door. It's one of those things that you don't get tired of to look out in the winter or open up in the summer. It turned out great, I love the door. It's great for family gatherings of 20 to 30 people."

Bruce Hamon, Contractor, Denver, CO